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The clever people at CDM invest in and develop inspiring online business ideas, building technical solutions to bring them to life, and then manage and mentor the business with strategic processes to maximise revenue and profit.

All our expertise is in-house, we are fully fledged online business investors, which includes web development, conversion rate optimisation through psychoanalysis, search engine optimisation, PPC, social media marketing and well thought out strategic business management.

All of which means a more profitable business. Working together, we’ll do it for your BIG IDEA too. Get started today, click the button to submit your idea now.

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Intelligent online solutions to get, and keep businesses profitable


Smart digital and traditional marketing; higher conversion rates, faster results


Getting your BIG IDEA in the media to maximise the opportunity

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What CLEVER DIGIT MEDIA will do for you

If you’re looking to get your amazing business idea of the ground or grow your business, the energetic and enthusiastic UK team at CLEVER DIGIT MEDIA are here to give you a rare combination of ‘traditional’ and ‘cutting edge’ skills to get and keep your business profitable, helping you with business mentoring along the way. CDM will work with you to develop intelligent business strategies, clever web solutions and high performing digital marketing, all ensuring your business achieves the maximum possible.

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CDM had incredible depth of insight and a deep technical know how, which made my rough business spec into a full blown strategy, and took my idea from seedling to fruition in break neck speed. I can’t recommend the team enough..


We want the best for your business. Our UK business mentoring team follow a strict code of conduct that will protect your business plan at all times, providing the best strategy, and the appropriate investment for you – one that you’ll be happy to implement day to day. Ensuring we provide intelligent solutions through best practice to enable your business to flourish is our constant aim, and we are passionate about achieving a successful, profitable business for you. Meet the team here.

“Profits are up, and I have a strategic plan in place to keep them there”

Business Mentors

We invest, we grow

We are actively looking to invest finance, skills, and resources in partnership with exciting ambitious individuals who have a fantastic business idea, start up or fledgling business but not the capital or resources to exploit it. We can act as your business mentors and angel investors using our own venture capital if needed, and our talented UK based business experts have huge experience developing a range of highly profitable businesses – working together, we will grow your BIG IDEA.

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Angel Investment & Collaboration


We are an active contributor to charitable causes and in particular those which relate to military causes and veterans. We would welcome applications from individuals or organisations who have a funding requirement and which will benefit in particular current or past members of the British armed forces.